PROTS Spanish Classes and
Spanish Translation Services

We are an experienced and professional Canadian-based network of international Spanish teachers and Spanish translators, focused on providing customized Spanish classes and accurate yet efficient Spanish translation services, exclusively from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

PROTS offers business Spanish classes, private Spanish classes, and group Spanish classes; completely personalized to meet your needs, interests, and abilities. We also ensure our Spanish classes are customized to your learning style preferences, so you learn as quickly and effectively as possible.

PROTS also offers accurate and professional Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services, completed by Spanish translators with extensive experience carrying out translation projects in a wide variety of different fields.

Spanish Class Video Testimonials

Spanish Classes

PROTS Spanish classes are customized to your specific needs. We start off by assessing your current Spanish knowledge level and identifying the areas that would be most beneficial for you to focus on. We then use this to create customized Spanish classes that will help students learn and advance as fast and effectively as possible.

PROTS professional Spanish teachers also ensure all Spanish classes are delivered in a way that best suits the learning styles of our students; which means more games in some cases, and more textbooks in others. This approach has proven to be very effective, which shows in the Spanish class testimonials we’ve received.

Our professional Spanish teachers are located in the Greater Toronto Area, and most of our Spanish classes are near Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and North York.

Whether you are learning Spanish for a business trip, vacation, schoolwork, or personal development goal, contact PROTS today to arrange a free demo Spanish class!

Business Spanish classes: Any group size, taught at your office or convenient location

Private Spanish classes: One-on-one personalized Spanish classes to suit your needs

Group Spanish classes: Group classes with Spanish students at similar skill levels

Professional Translation Services

Quality. Efficiency. Confidentiality.

PROTS international team of professional Spanish translators have extensive experience with a wide variety of Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation projects.

We provide all Spanish translation services with complete confidentiality. We also go to great lengths to ensure the translation is clear and accurately conveys the original message, while still completing projects in a timely manner, thanks to our extensive experience.

The quality of PROTS Spanish translation services has been acknowledged throughout the numerous Spanish translation testimonials we have received.

Spanish document translations: Any documents, including legal or business material, books, manuals, how-to guides, letters, advertisements, or banners

Spanish audio translations: Dubbing, or voice-over, by native professional speakers

Spanish video translations: Subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, and voice acting

Spanish website translations: Complete websites, to reach broader audiences

Spanish technical translations: Technical documents with complex jargon and diagrams

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