Meet Our Spanish Tutors and Translators

“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.” – Grass Günte

Deborah Hemsani

Spanish Tutor and Translator

IT, HSE, Oil & Gas, Environment

A Native Spanish-speaker, Deborah has been a translator since 1995. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation (U.A.D.E.) graduating with honours in 1995. A Certified Translator (C.T.P.C.B.A.) and an avid professional for continuing education training, courses and webinars, she has followed her passion for the Spanish and the English languages as an unconditional drive in her career in translation.

As a Spanish teacher and tutor, she has broad experience teaching courses at University level as Associate Professor in South America in different subjects: English Phonetics, Phonetics Lab, History of the English Language, English for Management and Business Administration, Comparison of English and Spanish Structures. She also teaches one-on-one and group customized Spanish courses in Canada.

Deborah’s main areas of translation are: Environment, IT, Services to the Oil and Gas Companies, Health, Safety and Environment, Engineering Consulting, Science and Technology, Human Resources, Software Development and Deployment, among others.

Naturally organized and detail-oriented, she coordinates teams of translators for revision, proofreading and edition. As PROTS’ founder, she has fostered long-term client loyalty by offering availability, flexibility, and high quality translations as the unchanging standard.

Deborah Hemsani - Spanish Tutor and Spanish Translator

Leticia Ana Martínez

Spanish Translator

Law, Marketing, Healthcare

Leticia is a seasoned, talented certified translator graduated from Morón University in Buenos Aires. She holds over 30 years of experience in successfully handling projects in the fields of law, marketing, healthcare and science, among others.

Leticia has an excellent eye for detail and consistently delivers a professional standard product, often under very tight deadlines. She is recognized for helping clients to meet their business goals through reliable, high quality translations, being viewed as a partner rather than a supplier.

Leticia is a language professional who followed graduate courses at specialized facilities in her fields of expertise and is constantly up-to-date with industry standards and translation software trends and technologies. She has been an invited keynote speaker at many international translation-related events, and authored several papers on prominent journals and conference proceedings.

Leticia Ana Martínez - Spanish Translator

Gabriela Paula Bekenstein

Spanish Translator

Law, History, Subtitles

Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires and is an English Public Translator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, who has finished postgraduate studies in Communication at the University of La Plata. She is also a History teacher.

Presently, Gabriela divides her time between teaching History, English, Law and Civics at high schools and colleges, and working as a freelance translator and copy editor for clients and translation agencies in Argentina, United States, Canada and Europe. She gives papers on History subjects in conferences held in universities throughout the country. Gabriela also subtitles movies for DVD editions, thus combining her two deepest passions, translation and cinema.

Gabriela Paula Bekenstein - Spanish Translator

María Victoria Tuya

Spanish Translator

Law, Medicine, Orthopedics, IT

María Victoria Tuya is a Sworn Certified English<>Spanish Translator graduated from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) in 1989. She is a Conference Interpreter, graduated in 1994.

Her areas of expertise are legal subjects (personal and corporate documents, contracts ), medicine (clinical trial protocols, informed consents, investigators’ brochures, operator manuals of medical devices, documents to be submitted to government agencies), Orthopedics and Traumatology and information technology (IT) (User’s manuals).

María Victoria is a member of the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (C.T.P.C.B.A.) since 1990 and a member of the American Translator Association (ATA) since 1994. Former Vice President of the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (2008 – 2012), she is now Vice President of the Federación Argentina de Traductores (FAT). Member of the Translation and Terminology and Audiovisual Committees of the FIT (International Federation of Translators).

María Victoria is a Full Professor of the Subjects Technology Applied to Translation and Writing, proofreading and editing skills for translators, and Assistant Professor of the Subject Legal Language for the Degree Course on Translation (English) at the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino. She is now attending the International Spanish Copy Editor and Proofreader course, certified by the Fundación Litterae and the Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu).

María Victoria Tuya - Spanish Translator

Patricia Ferreiro

Spanish Translator

Mining, Law, Tender Processes

Patricia Ferreiro obtained her Translation Degree from Universidad Católica Argentina in 1991 and majored at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Since then, she has been working as a freelancer for major holding groups during both the international tender process and operational stages.

In addition to legal and technical projects, her area of expertise is mainly associated to the extractive industries, principally large-scale mining operations.

Patricia is also an English teacher at Universidad Nacional de La Matanza.

Patricia Ferreiro - Spanish Translator

Natalia Luna

Spanish Translator

Law, Business, Petroleum & Oil, Business

Natalia is a Sworn English<>Spanish Legal Translator and Lawyer with a specialization in Civil and Commercial Matters, graduated from the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires [UBA].

As a translator, she has experience in connection with legal, business and technical translations, working as an expert interpreter at court or civil registries.

Along her career path, she has taken specialization courses on Law, Business, Petroleum and Oil, and Finance- related issues, and has lectured on Civil Actions, comparing the court systems of Argentina and the United States of America.

In her early years, she has worked as a Business and Technical English Teacher for several Language Services Companies, Hotels and Law Firms.

In 2005, she worked for Translation Firms as a Translations Project Leader and then as a Translations Manager and Head of the Legal English Training Division. Then, in 2008, she started working as a Legal English Professor, freelance, and later on she was hired by the Argentine Catholic University [Universidad Católica Argentina], where she trained Law students willing to sit for the ILEC exam along 2015.

As a Legal English Instructor, she was first certified by the Sworn Translators’ Association in and for the City of Buenos Aires, and then, in 2016, she sat for International Legal English Certificate, an exam developed and administered by Cambridge ESOL, achieving a C1 Pass.

As for her academic background, she has participated in several International Translators Seminars and Conferences which took place in Argentina, both as an attendant and presenter, conducting some interviews or writing some articles to be published in the official newsletter of the Sworn Translators’ Association in and for the City of Buenos Aires.

She loves travelling, event planning, and design and decorating.

Natalia Luna - Spanish Translator