Business Spanish Classes

Business Spanish Classes

Business Spanish classes can be beneficial to your company for a number of reasons. For example, if your employees interact with Spanish-speaking clients on a regular basis, if you work with a third-party that has Spanish-speaking employees, or if your company is international and your employees will be travelling to Spanish regions of the world.

PROTS Professional Translation Services makes learning Spanish fun and easy, while still moving forward at a fast, effective pace. We will come to your office and host business Spanish classes for your employees, and we will cater to the different levels of expertise that they may already have.

It is common for us to host business Spanish classes with students that have varying levels of Spanish knowledge, and our professional Spanish teachers are experienced in catering the classes to accommodate for this. We will assess the level of Spanish knowledge for each student and ensure we focus the classes on the best areas to move the whole group forward together.

We integrate fun activities into our classes and we motivate students to try to immerse themselves and start using what they learn as often as possible. Our business Spanish classes will help build confidence for students so they feel comfortable using what they learn outside of the classroom.

Our business Spanish classes will also cater to the varying learning styles of the students that are participating. Some students prefer textbooks, some prefer activities, some take notes, and some don’t; we will pay attention to this and ensure the classes suit each students learning style.

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