Group Spanish Classes

Group Spanish Classes

Group Spanish classes are a great way to move your learning experience forward and meet some new friends that can help you immerse yourself in learning Spanish and applying what you learn.

Group Spanish classes are also cheaper than private classes, and although you will not get the 1-on-1 experience, you will be grouped with other students at a similar level of experience, so you can motivate each other to keep learning Spanish and practice what you learn together.

Our professional Spanish teachers will also be available after each group class to answer any questions you have about the class, or general questions, to help you master the Spanish language as quickly and effectively as possible!

PROTS Professional Translation Services makes learning Spanish fun and easy, while still moving forward at a fast pace. In our group Spanish classes, we carry out a lot of activities so the group can have fun learning together, and to push everyone to use what they learn.

Our group Spanish classes will also cater to the varying learning styles of the students that are participating. Some students prefer textbooks, some prefer activities, some take notes, and some don’t; we will pay attention to this and ensure the classes suit each the learning style of each student.

Contact PROTS Professional Translation Services today to inquire about joining one of our group Spanish classes.