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Below are some of the video and written testimonials PROTS has received over the years for Spanish classes delivered by our experienced Spanish teachers, and also written testimonials for our professional Spanish translation services.

Spanish Class Video Testimonials


Spanish Class Written Testimonials

Deborah is an astounding Spanish teacher!

I’ve been building my vocabulary on my own for quite some time but wanted to get help with sentence building, grammar and to better hold Spanish conversations. Deborah was able to evaluate my level of knowledge to determine my weak points and tailor her classes to focus on those areas. This has proven to rapidly accelerate the refinement of my Spanish reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Deborah is a very fun and easy teacher to work with, and she makes you feel comfortable during lessons and provides a lot of positive reinforcement!

Deborah is also very professional and punctual, she is always a bit early for class to set up and has no problem staying a bit extra to wrap up the current exercise, even if we go an extra 10 or 15 minutes over.

Very reasonably priced, extremely effective learning approach, excellent teacher and person in general to work with, and really fun classes that tailor to your specific learning style!
I strongly recommend Deborah and PROTS to help you take your Spanish skills to the next level!

Mike Boht

Software Development Manager at Ganz Studios

Deborah is an amazing Spanish teacher! From the beginning, she made sure to understand my goals for learning Spanish and customized all her lessons to meet my needs. As an absolute beginner in Spanish, I found Deborah’s teaching style very encouraging and fun. In just ten lessons, her teaching has given me a great foundation in the language which I look forward to building upon. I highly recommend PROTS if you are looking to learn Spanish in a way that’s both effective and fun!

Katya Pollock


Deborah makes learning Spanish fun. She uses a variety of teaching methods to keep it interesting and engaging and tailors each lesson to meet my needs. She has helped me to learn correct pronunciation and explore differences in Spanish phrases and pronunciations in different countries. I look forward to improving my Spanish with each lesson.

Diane G.


The outstanding dedication to personalizing the learning experience for the student combined with the all-encompassing approach to teaching how language works is what makes PROTS stand out as an EFFECTIVE method for learning a new language. I loved learning with you!

Nancy Kopman

Early childhood educator, Musician/Composer

I hired Deborah to teach me Spanish for several weeks. I’m glad I did. Deborah listened to my needs and set the training accordingly. Deborah showed to be very reliable and displayed a high level of professionalism, compassion and understanding. She is highly efficient, enthusiastic and dedicated to offering a great ‘personal’ level of service and excellent value. I have learned a lot in the weeks that she has taught me. Thank you Deborah!

L. Higgins


Deborah is a responsible teacher. She’s very friendly and patient. She helped me a lot on understanding my homework and class work. Her classes are very efficient and I’ve learned a lot from them. She’s a great teacher!

Thomas H.

High School Student

Translation Service Written Testimonials

I am an ATIO certified translator, and I have known and collaborated with Deborah for over seven years on a variety of translation projects – instructional manuals for the beauty industry, technical glossaries, patterns and terminology for a major Canadian yarn company. During this time I have been impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail, prompt service, reliability and competitive rates. Not only does she possess an excellent educational background, but she has a wealth of experience, making her an outstanding and well-rounded translator. I have no hesitation in recommending Deborah as a translator.

Edith Rosemberg

Marketing Specialist at Procter and Gamble

Deborah Mariel Hemsani has been a pleasure to work with. She’s provided Spinrite with premium quality Spanish translation solutions on time and within a short time request. She’s efficient, prompt and pro-active. I highly recommend her service to any business or individual looking for prompt Spanish translation.

Melanie Dacanay

Graphic Designer at Spinrite LP

Huge thanks to Deborah, who recently helped me translate website content to english from a foreign business owner. Even though I came to her last minute, she was still able to translate it very accurately and grammatically correct. My client was extremely happy with the results and was surprised how fast and precise the content was translated. Thank you PROTS!

Michael Trapani, Founder

Creative Director at Incube8 Creative

In all occasions, the PROTS’s team has complied with agreed due dates, providing our company with accurate and overall high quality translations.

Rodolfo H. García

HR Manager at Veritas DGC Argentina

The team of translators from PROTS has always proved to have solid knowledge of the translation field and both flexibility and openness to changes, enriching our professional relationship in this way.

Olga Ibarra

Executive Assistant at AES-DISAB S.R.L.

PROTS has managed translation projects (Spanish<>English) of several legal, technical, commercial documents, and confidential information for IMG Argentina. The team has always been transparent when dealing with the company showing high ethical and professional standards.

Andrea F. Dujo

Controller at IMG Argentina