Spanish Video Translation

Spanish Video Translation

Our Spanish video translation service is offered in many forms, including subtitling, voice-over, Spanish voice actors, script translation from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English, and more.

Our Spanish video translation team is experienced and professional, we will ensure the Spanish video translation is produced using an accurate script that accurately communicates the original script, and also that the Spanish actor pronounces words as expected by your target audience.

There are many differences in pronunciation from one Spanish region to another, but our Spanish video translation team will ensure the translated script and pronunciation in the video is produced with your target audience in mind.

We can provide Spanish actors if necessary, and Spanish voice talent if just a voice-over is required. Also, if you just need subtitling added to your video, we can translate the script and produce Spanish subtitling for your video translation project.

We will work with you to ensure the quality of the Spanish video translation is top-notch, including the Spanish translated script, the actors or voice-overs, and the quality of the video recording itself.

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Audio and Video Translation Project Showcase

Below is a showcase of a couple audio and video translation projects that PROTS Professional Translation Services has carried out.

Laipac Technologies

One of our recent projects was for Laipac Technologies, they needed translation, script tailoring, voice talents for lip sync, and sound mixing for a product presentation video which was in English. The final product was in Spanish for Latin America.

Part of the English Original Video

PROTS Spanish Video Translation


Feature Film Translation for South American NGO

A South American NGO requested the translation and subtitling of the feature movie: Inequality for all, with Robert Reich, former Labour Secretary of the USA. This project required translating the original script to Spanish (Latin American variety) and summing up abundant on-screen information and graphics, in addition to the subtitles of what was orally presented.

This is a demo of the translated and subtitled movie: Inequality for all